Financial Planning Fundamentals
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This survey collects the basic information needed by a financial planner or advisor.
Q1.  My marital status is best described as:
Q2.  I am filling out this form in collaboration with my spouse or partner:
Q3.  Regarding retirement:
Q4.  Would you like a financial planner to assist you with the following?
Yes Maybe No  
General information about planning services.
Creating a budget or savings plan.
Sticking to a budget.
Planning around debts.
Learning how to invest.
Managing risks in your investments.
Finding alternative investments (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, sustainable funds).
Retirement planning.
Retirement savings accounts(such as Roth IRAs, 401k�s, SEP IRAs, Traditional IRAs).
Pension benefit plans.
Healthcare, long-term care or medical insurance options.
Setting up a lifelong income stream.
Relationships and financial conflicts.
Family business dynamics.
Teaching children about finances.
Financial stress management or psychological issues around money.
Writing a will, estate planning, or inheritance issues.
Leaving a legacy or charity (such as foundations).
Selling a business.
Tax planning or accounting.
Starting or financing a business.
Please write other factors or elaborate on above :
Q5.  Approximate net worth($): __________
Q6.  Please type in the approximate percent of your net worth in the following asset-classes?
Q7.  Approximate annual active income (from salary): ________
Q8.  Approximate annual passive income (earnings from interest, dividends, royalties, etc...) ____________
Q9.  Is your income stable from year-to-year?
Q10.  Do you own your primary residence?