Financial Advisor Practice Survey
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NOTE: Surveys the characteristics of financial advisors and their practices.
Q1.  Which of the following activities do you use for prospecting? (Please check the box next to those activities you currently engage in).
Q2.  Please rank from 1 to 6 how much each of the following contributes to the growth of your financial advisory practice (from 1 = most important to 6 = least important).
Q3.  There is a specific client personality profile that fits best in my practice.
Q4.  I prospect for clients in a focused niche of my expertise (E.g., with specific financial service needs such as profession-specific needs, estate planning, or taxation issues).
Q5.  My primary role as a financial advisor is:
Q6.  I am confident in the models I use to guide asset allocation decisions for my clients.
Q7.  I primarily prospect within a specific demographic (professional background, industry affiliation, age group, gender, religion, or ethnicity).
Q8.  How many prospects do you currently have in your sales pipeline?
Q9.  You are the primary financial advisor to what proportion of your clients?
Q10.  The size of my investment returns for clients is a key factor in my success.