Success Psychology Test
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NOTE: Please respond to the following items as honestly as possible. You will be given a final “grade” which reflects how well your current beliefs and values support the pursuit of long-term success. Explanations of several success factors follow.
Q1.  I enjoy working
Q2.  Because of my background, it is unlikely that I will ever get rich.
Q3.  I actively prepare for potential business setbacks.
Q4.  I always keep my word, even when it’s costly to do so.
Q5.  I am certain that I will be very successful in life.
Q6.  I am constantly talking about my business dreams with others.
Q7.  Life is full of fascinating challenges.
Q8.  If I make a costly business mistake, and my partners would never find out it was my fault, I would tell them anyway.
Q9.  I am generally pessimistic.
Q10.  I have extremely valuable products, services, or skills to offer others.
Q11.  I am occasionally late to appointments.
Q12.  I consider myself to be a very successful person.