Risk - Reward Profiler
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NOTE: Take the Risk-Reward Profiler now to get a quick assessment of your risk profile. Learn about your “emotional” risk tolerance (versus your "cognitive" risk tolerance) - a discrepancy here may lead to impulsive trading, indecision, or inadequate risk taking during market volatility. If you request, a full report is emailed both to you and your financial planner. This risk profile tool is FREE, confidential, has 14 questions, and requires less than 10 minutes to take.
Q1.  I have ___ years of investing experience
Q2.  My knowledge of investing is at the level of:
Q3.  To retire comfortably, I need to earn income for ____ more years:
Q4.  Over the next year, I expect my net worth to
Q5.  Consider the following gamble. The flip of a coin will determine the change in your net worth over the next year. Which would you choose (50% odds of either outcome)?
Q6.  On average, I hold investments for _____ years:
Q7.  For the prospect of higher returns in the long run, I can tolerate paper losses for _____ years
Q8.  I never change my investment plan, even during volatile or down markets.
Q9.  I often second-guess my investment choices
Q10.  I usually check the value of my personal investments (not as part of my job)
Q11.  To relieve the pressure I feel during sharp market downturns, I sometimes sell my losing investments.
Q12.  I feel regret about my past investing losses
Q13.  I get a thrill out of investing
Q14.  How excited do you become when considering the prospect of a very large gain?