Speaking Engagements/Presentations
MarketPsych LLC is the leading behavioral finance consulting firm. Formed in 2001, we have delivered hundreds of presentations to tens of thousands of financial professionals at the largest firms in the financial world. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to speak to a wide range of audiences. Typical audiences include CFAs, traders, wealth managers/financial advisors, portfolio managers, hedge funds, private equity groups, and traders. We are available to delivering anything from keynotes to three-day trainings. Please see our menu of talks.
What sets our speakers apart? MarketPsych's Four Criteria. MarketPsych's presentations are:
  • Cutting Edge: The fields of financial psychology are rapidly evolving, yielding new and better ways to improve performance. The interdisciplinary team at MarketPsych is on the cutting edge of these subjects both in research and in practice. We integrate the latest developments into our work so our audiences are assured of the most advanced information out there.
  • Entertaining: Behavioral finance insights are, quite simply, fascinating. We communicate those insights in a way that is lively, interactive and humorous in every talk we do. We strip away the technical jargon/psychobabble to present weighty concepts in a readily understandable form - complete with pop culture references and real life examples - so that people not only appreciate the material, but truly enjoy it.
  • Actionable: Though behavioral finance/investing psychology is fascinating, many talks on the subject amount to the investing equivalent of "parlor tricks". They point out interesting or quirky tendencies in investing behavior... but what do you do with it? MarketPsych takes fascinating material, but roots it in actionable steps our audience can take to grow their business or bottom line. Our audiences doesn't just leave educated and entertained. They leave with a plan.
  • Timely:  At MarketPsych we know that the role of psychology in investing decisions is a constant, but the investing conditions are constantly changing.   Value for an audience is what meets their needs today, not 6 months ago and not at some undetermined point in the future.  MarketPsych delivers superior value by speaking to what’s happening now.
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Please contact the Sweeney Agency to book a talk for your organization: Derek@thesweeneyagency.com, +1-866-727-7555.